Shelter in place update

Published by Sharon Santos on

Brothers and Sisters,We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and doing as well as can be expected. There are no words to express that horror, sadness and disbelief Lewiston and the surrounding communities are enduring at this time. Please continue to reach out and ensure everyone is safe and abiding by the shelter in place order. We have been in contact with the Company throughout the day and will continue to discuss your safety until the authorities deem it safe to resume normal activity. Any employee that lives and/or reports to work within the communities that have a shelter in place order are strongly encouraged to follow this order. The Union and Company are in total agreement that the safety of our members/employees and their families are top priority. To encourage everyone to follow the guidelines law enforcement has put in place the Company will pay your lost wages. The Company will meet again at 6am to reassess the situation. Hopefully this murderer will be in custody and everyone will be able to breathe again. Please continue to check your email and phone for direction from your supervisor before leaving your home in the morning. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that every one of us will know someone this horrific tragedy has touched. Please take the time to treat people with kindness, be grateful for your blessing, and most of all be respectful of any that are mourning. STAY SAFE!

—-In Solidarity,Julie

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