Published by Sharon Santos on

Brothers and Sisters,

Today we finally have some information. The Union has been able to convince the Company to remove the outside COT’s and CST’s from the surplus declaration. Unfortunately, they would not remove or reduce any other titles at this time.

As we shared earlier, the T9 filed a grievance which has been heard at Step III on contractors performing work in both COT and CST titles. Because the Company still has not removed the inside COT’s from the surplus declaration the T9 is filing for an injunction in Federal court.

The T9 still does not have an agreement with the Company. We continue to push them to negotiate with us to prevent this lay-off.

The Union remains frustrated with the lack of communication from the Company. We are aware of all the rumors and the anxiety they are causing.  Please remember this Company is utilizing their bag of tricks. Their agenda is to divide and conquer! They want the ability to use subcontractors unconditionally.

We will continue to notify the memberships as new information becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience and support throughout these difficult negotiations.

United we Bargain Divided we Beg!

In Solidarity,

Julie and Chris