IBEW SCT9 Message 7/19/2023

Published by Sharon Santos on

Brothers and Sisters,                                                             

The Union has received notification from the Company stating they were declaring a surplus (Article G20) and are transferring our work (Article G36).  We were told this will involve 43 NNE bargained for positions across the three states.  We believe some of these numbers are incorrect but given the timeline the Company has dictated we have no choice but to share what information we have.

SURPLUS Titles: Article G20

Central Office Technician (14 total)

            Outside Operations: Maine (3) Vermont (1) New Hampshire (2)

            Test Activation Center (TAC) – 4

            Network Operations Center (Network Facing) – 4

Facilities Assigner – 6

Service Representative (5 total)

            Enterprise Support Group (ESG) – 2

            Wholesale/Local Service Request (LSR) – 3

Translations Administrator – 2

TRANSFER OF WORK Titles: Article G36

Central Office Technician (2 total)

            Network Operations Center (Customer Facing) – 2

Computer Service Technician – 5

Service Representative (9 total)

            Business Sales and Service Center (BSSC) – 8

            Service Quality/Escalations – 1

Separation date for lay off is scheduled on August 7, 2023, with the exception of (4) BSSC rep’s which are tentatively scheduled for September 7, 2023.

The Union has notified the Company per Article G38 they do not have the ability to lay off employees in ANY job title that is utilizing subcontractors. ALL subcontractors, in the impacted job titles, must be job completed at least 6 months prior to lay off.

This announcement was made while the SCT-9 was trying to negotiate an offer that may incentivize employees to voluntarily separate from the Company. The Company had expressed a desire to reach a resolution that would cause the least disruption to the business. Unfortunately, it is now clear the only resolution they want is to reduce our headcount and be able to use subcontractors without restrictions.

The SCT-9 is committed to making certain the Company adheres to the CBA, negotiated in 2021, and protecting our jobs.

We will continue to pass along any new information as we receive it. Thank you for your patience and continued support as we try to reach the best possible outcome. Our next meeting with the Company is tomorrow July 20th.


In Solidarity,

Jim Golden

Sandy Tumosa

Julie Dawkins