SCT9 Message – 7/14/2023

Published by Sharon Santos on

Brothers and Sisters                                                      Friday, July 14, 2023

As you all know, the SCT-9 has been meeting with the Company this week. The Company notified us of a projected $22M shortfall of reaching their EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) results by years end.  The Company has been very clear they intend to decrease their workforce by 10% to compensate for this projected failure to reach EBITDA results.

The SCT-9 has been working with the business to alleviate a declaration of surplus and the utilization of 1.5% transfer of work language. Make no mistake, we know the Company is already understaffed and the burden falls on all of us. Unfortunately, we are dealing with loyalty to their shareholders NOT the most valuable resource, their employees.

We are trying to achieve an incentive offer for those that are planning to separate from the Company and prevent a lay off. We are committed to working towards the best possible outcome for the membership and will share details as soon as an agreement has been reached. 

Some managers have been busy sharing details that are not facts! We ask you to remember if your information is not from the T9 Council then it is rumor not facts. We appreciate your patience and support throughout this process.

Where there is UNITY there is STRENGTH!

In Solidarity,

Jim Golden

Sandy Tumosa

Julie Dawkins