Bargaining Update 06/03/2021

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Our IBEW and CWA bargaining team met with the Company again today, June 3, 2021.

We have been in negotiations with the company since March in an attempt to come to an early agreement on the NNE contract.

It has become glaringly clear that that is not going to happen.

We have all heard the reports that CCI is doing well, and they are extremely optimistic about the future with fiber expansion throughout the footprint, yet they continue to demand concessions on several key issues including contracting out work, movement of work, and medical premiums. Our bargaining team has made several substantive proposals that would preserve good jobs and improve service across our region. The Company seems determined in wanting to TAKE MORE of what we have worked so hard to preserve.

One of our primary goals in bargaining is to protect the Bargaining Unit work both inside and out. We want CCI to put the assurances that were made in 2018 in writing, and they are refusing to do so. We want them to live up to the promises that they make at every town hall meeting.

We deserve to be treated with the RESPECT that we have fought for and not like second class citizens. This is the time to send a CLEAR message to management that CWA and IBEW members are UNITED.

Stay informed, WEAR RED ON THURSDAYS, and attend your unit meetings.

United We Bargain – Divided We Beg!

Bargaining will resume on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

In Solidarity,

Your IBEW and CWA Bargaining Team