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Thousands of union members lost their jobs in this pandemic through no fault of their own and thousands of Maine workers are looking to get into a good apprenticeship program or good paying job.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed that the state’s unemployment system — and our reemployment system that supports people get into training programs and good paying jobs — needs to be improved.

The Maine Legislature is voting soon on an amended version of LD 1564,  which will help fix the state unemployment system and strengthen our workforce training programs.

Can you click here to send a letter to your legislators and the Governor and ask them to support LD 1564?

LD 1564 comes directly from the experience of Mainers laid off during the pandemic, too many of whom faced delays and technological problems. It will modernize Maine’s unemployment insurance program to ensure that Maine workers will receive timely and adequate unemployment benefits and that our system runs smoothly to help people get back into good paying jobs and high quality apprenticeship and training programs.

Please use this form to send an email to Governor Janet Mills as well as your State Representative and State Senator and tell them to SUPPORT LD 1564.


This bill:

  • Creates a Peer Workforce Navigator program to help unemployed workers connect to apprenticeship and training programs, find good-paying jobs, access unemployment benefits and identify problems in the system.
  • Increases supplemental unemployment benefits for dependent children for the first time in 30 years. Currently the dependent allowance is just $10 a week.
  • Supports people returning to part-time work by strengthening partial unemployment benefits and eligibility.
  • Removes the disqualification for workers who must suddenly leave work for a compelling personal reason, such as a loss of child or elder care or transportation.
  • Repeals interest on non-fraud related overpayments.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out this form out and tell our elected officials to pass this important bill. Your voice matters!

In solidarity,

Andy and the Maine AFL-CIO team

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